2012-12-30 Testing flounder

2020 is almost over, for good or bad. I place little importance on the arbitrary turn of another arbitrary year. Yet I will allow myself to be

a little hopeful for the future. Gemini does look accessible on this platform, even on the html version of it.

The font size on the editor is a bit too small to my liking, though.

(I'll try on Gemini's browser amphora later today, time permitting, see how that works)


The gemlog looks much nicer on amphora. It pretty much seems that not being able to use CSS means that the look of the content is left to the user. It seems OKish for small sites.

It seems I cannot update on native gemini protocl, just on the HTTPS.

I'm starting working on setting up my own server using solderpunk's go server app. But I will leave that for later.

contact me at correo AT migueldeluis DOT es

PS: Confirmation that I have actually posted something would be nice.